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Here’s why why less people are jogging and how to have days that burn calories themselves, and you – enjoy

After the season of glory and holidays, many of us often displeased or inevitably begin to notice what the scale shows. Fighting with pounds is not easy, but with proper nutrition and regular training, achieving […]

Which plant is called the royal plant?

This plant smells wonderful, mosquitoes, makes wonders in culinary, and in addition it is medicinal. Which plant is called the royal plant? It’s basil. The famous Genovese hive is made from it, it is perfect […]

How to use coconut oil?

Coconut oil is a lot of fatty acids, which have many benefits for health, such as raising the immune system and preventing heart disease. Also, coconut oil calms skin infections and has antibacterial properties. How […]

Three ways to effectively raise the level of energy

Proper nutrition, regular physical activity and afternoon vacations are the main drivers of positive energy Energy is the only force that does not emerge and does not disappear, and for this reason it is important […]

Vegan fruit cake

Coral Ingredients – Vegan Fruit Cake: 1 cup of peeled almonds ½ cup of fine coconut flour 1 cup of dry grapes 2 tablespoons of agave syrup A salt and vanilla powder patch Cream Ingredients […]

Ladies, beware: Stress works much harder on you and provokes this heart problem

Women have twice as many chances to develop fatal heart complications than men, scientists warn. Researchers at Emory University found that women who survived a heart attack were most likely to suffer from ischemia of […]

Natural source of iron and protein: This is the healthiest spread in the world

Humus is a popular meal from the Middle East, and has become a trend in nutrition over the past decade. It is increasingly found on the table of our housewives, precisely because of its nutritional […]

Patch a piece of this vegetable on your arm – you are protected from bacteria

Garlic is the best medicine, which you will not find in scientific medicine. It is recommended for the treatment of many diseases, and it can stand side by side with the best antibiotics, writes “Pozitive […]

Nussfrüchte sind der wertvollste Verbündete der Gesundheit von Frauen

  Ernährungsprodukte sind eine ausgezeichnete Auswahl an gesunden Fetten, die der weibliche Organismus benötigt. Ob Sie Walnüsse, Mandeln, Haselnüsse mögen, die Experten empfehlen, dass Sie roh oder blanchiert essen, um die besten gesundheitlichen Wirkungen zu […]