Computer whiz had a funny revenge on the man who took his laptop

Computer whiz had a funny revenge on the man who took his laptop

Being a computer software entrepreneur can help you a lot in today’s world, and this man had a funny way to get revenge on the man who took his laptop. He always loved to work with technology, and eventually, he got the opportunity to work in a bigger firm and get a name, which is not something that the person who took his laptop knew apparently.

Once when he was going home from work, as he works the 1st shift, he decided to stop for a sandwich on the way and eat it in the park. It was a very nice day, but as he was purchasing the snack, he realized like there is something wrong, but he got carried away as the man called his name to get the sandwich.

As he took the sandwich and sat down, he realized that his laptop was missing from his bag, and as he thought that a man passed by him with a bicycle and he could see his laptop in the back basket. Of course, by that time, it was already too late to chase him, so the man decided to just eat his sandwich and enjoy the sun as much as he can.

As he was enjoying the food he thought of the best revenge, since he is a computer whiz, he will try to hack into his hard drive. He was able not to only hack the hard drive, but also turn on the camera whenever he wanted, which allowed him to film everything that was going on, and there were many funny clips to share.

This guy loved to dance and freestyle all the time apparently, which made for a bunch of funny videos since he was not really good at this. After hacking and filming for a couple of days, he decided to post the whole story to the internet and attach a bunch of those videos there, saying that he will take them off after he can have his Laptop back.

Of course, after seeing the embarrassing videos, the guy decided to repent for what he did. They got together, and he returned the Laptop apologizing and asking for the videos to be removed. Both of them had a very awkward laugh together, and of course, the videos were removed. Hopefully, he learned a valuable lesson!