Which plant is called the royal plant?

Which plant is called the royal plant?

This plant smells wonderful, mosquitoes, makes wonders in culinary, and in addition it is medicinal.
Which plant is called the royal plant?
It’s basil. The famous Genovese hive is made from it, it is perfect as a tomato salad addition, and one of many varieties of basil, Thai basil, is added to the milk or sweet cream, which are then made very tasty chocolates and ice creams.

Roots, stems and leaves are used, and even buds are edible and very tasty.

In folk medicine, it is used against inflammation of the stomach and stomach pains, headaches, coughs, asthma, insomnia and calm, good diuretic, and it is believed to be aphrodisiac. Chewing leaves of basil solves the problem with the jail.

In antiquity it was used as a patch after a bite of an insect, snake or scorpion.

Tea from basil:

Pour a spoon of dried basil with two deciliters of boiling water. Leave it to stand for ten minutes and then proceed. Drink lukewarm tea.

How to grow basil in pots:

The basil blossoms from June to October. It should be sown early in the spring and if you want to transplant it, do it in April or May.

Do not ask for a lot of care. Regularly water it, fly on a daily basis, make sure it has enough light, but it does not stand in the direct sunlight, as it dries out its leaves.

Cut it occasionally, and when you’re rubbing the leaves for consumption, it’s best to crack the tips to grow new sprouts.