Most important yet: A new trend in aesthetic surgery that worried even doctors

Most important yet: A new trend in aesthetic surgery that worried even doctors

Surgeons find that more and more women visit their clinics to make navel plastic.

It’s been a long time since people went under the knife to increase their breasts or reduce the volume of thighs and stomachs. Now no part of the body is excluded from the field of aesthetic surgery.

Even ordering the navel becomes an increasingly demanding cosmetic procedure, known as “umblikoplastics”, all in order to achieve a perfect stomach. This treatment involves the transformation and reduction of the central part of the navel, while removing or spreading the surrounding part of the skin.

Speaking to Britain’s Independent newspaper, Dr. Tijion Asho, confirmed that this procedure is becoming more and more popular among women.

“I connect this trend-up trend when people feel more comfortable showing their stomachs on photos they share on social networks,” he explains.

In addition, many patients come to consultations because they want to do umbilicoplasty after delivery, after getting out of the navel piercing, or when losing weight.

Dr. Lisham Perston however expressed great concern about this trend in Britain.

“The problem with these trends is that they can cause unnecessary pressure on people who want to achieve the perfect look, often causing health risks, as you have seen on the case of Kyle Jenner and her lips,” he says.

Lysam claims that everyone is free to decide whether to undergo any of the plastic surgeries, but it is important to remember that the focus should be on health and happiness, not on the “perfect body image”.