Do not ignore these signs because they clearly say that they still suffer from the breakup!

Do not ignore these signs because they clearly say that they still suffer from the breakup!

Does your partner often mention the ex?

This is a very obvious reason that the former love flame continues to soften in his head, or rather in the heart. Even when she speaks negative about her, it is clear that she has not grown too far and is still in her fresh memory.

It happens to be compared with you?

Comparisons are by no means an ingredient of a connection that could be promoted, enhanced or made by fire. A compliment like that of having a smile like Jennifer Lopez is welcome, but anything else does not pass. Comparing with the former you can tolerate the first 48 hours of connection, and then expose the test to tolerate unwanted relationships.

Continues to see her ex?

Squeezed teeth express support for their socializing because you want to believe that they are just friends, but you feel that it’s not just friendship. He uses various pronouncements, often portraying them as very important, to see us alone with her alone. This is done by many men who have a marriage behind them, using children as an excuse and doing so until their ex-wife clearly makes it clear that she can no longer be a part of her life that way.

Does it lead you to places that resemble it?

If you are too often led to the same place, on the same bench in the park or restaurant, ask him why this place is so important. If he tells you that this is because he was going there with the ex-one, he is not a panic, but an alarm. The panic goes away if it refuses to find any one of you, a very personal place.

It’s troubling him when his ex-wandering into a new relationship?

If your partner expressly expresses dissatisfaction and depression because he has been told that his former is in a new relationship, let him know that he is also in relation to you. Tell him openly that her love life is neither his nor your concern.